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They say this is the insidious disease of the century.
Millions of people suffer from this disease, treatment cost hundreds of thousands of euros.
As old this disease are so old and methods that nature has given to help her clean from your body.
The acidity in the body is to blame for all ills. Yes, it is. But nature has given us products alkalized for a few days or weeks can regain purity in the body as mother bore him ...
In Bulgaria often cite Dunov which provides a simple method for alkalizing the body - baking soda mixed with lemon juice.
Dr. Emilova, based on the diets of Lydia Kovacheva, treated dozens of patients with the simplest diet alkalizing the body - fruits and tea.
Caring for our health comes increasingly from the east, where already created a series of products for daily use, which made alkaline and provide health of our body.
One of them Winalite - toothpaste, diapers, sanitary napkins, already many of my friends enjoy.
In recent months, more and more of our events attended Japanese machine Kang - which structure and alkaline water.
Here is the opinion of the world experts who accuse white mafia - pharmaceutical companies for harmful methods in the treatment of cancer.

Alkaline diet: cancer drug from 1923


The core cause of cancer was discovered back in 1923, but very few people know about it, because the truth is hidden by Pharmaceutical Industries
In 1931, German scientist Otto Heinrich Warburg received the Nobel Prize for discovering the root cause for the occurrence of cancer .
Dr. Otto Warburg discovered that cancer is the result of antifiziologichni forces and antifiziologichniya lifestyle.
With antifiziologichen diet and lack of physical activity the body creates an acidic environment. Cell acidity reason for the discharge of oxygen.
The lack of oxygen in the cell creates an acidic environment
Dr. Warburg said: Declining oxygen and increasing acidity in the body are two sides of the same coin: if anyone has one, there are others. Real acidic environment is an environment without oxygen.
All normal cells need oxygen, but the tumor can not live without it.
Tumor tissues are acidic, whereas healthy tissues are alkaline
In his work "The metabolism of tumor" Otto Warburg said that all cancers are characterized by two basic conditions: blood acidity and hypoxia.
The scientist and discovered that tumor cells are anaerobic (do not absorb oxygen) and can not survive in the presence of high concentrations of oxygen. Tumor cells can withstand only with glucose and oxygen free environment.
Healthy cells without 35% oxygen may be transformed into a cell with cancer for two days. All normal cells require oxygen, but cells with tumor can live without oxygen.This is typical rule, summarizes Dr. Warburg.
According to him, the cancer is not nothing but a protective mechanism that have some body cells that survive in an acidic environment without the presence of oxygen.
IMPORTANT: The food depending on the proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals ensures and creates conditions of acidity or alkalinity in the body. In other words ... it all depends on what you eat.
Acidic or alkaline condition is measured by PH, whose values ​​go from 0-14, where 7 is neutral zone. 0-7 is of an acidic environment, and from 7 to 14 basic.
It is important to know how acid or alkaline foods affect health, as the cells to operate successfully should be located in PH area just over 7
Healthy person has PH blood between 7.4 and 7.45.
If the PH value to someone under 7 this man fell into a coma.
Food that increases the acidity of the body:
  • rafinirana sugar and all its derivatives,
  • animal products (milk and cheese)
  • salt,
  • rafinirano flour and all its derivatives (pasta, cakes, biscuits)
  • bread
  • margarine,
  • caffeine (coffee, black tea, chocolate)
  • alcohol
  • cigarettes
  • any cooked food (digestion destroys oxygen and increases the acidity of the food)
  • all industrially processed food in cans that contain preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, stabilizers, and others.
Food that alkaline body:
  • All raw vegetables. Raw vegetables produce oxygen as opposed to cooked.
  • Fruits. The fruits produce a lot of oxygen.
  • Water is important for the production of oxygen. Chronic tension is very important and is the reason for the majority of all the degenerative diseases.
  • Movement provides oxygen to the body. Sedentary lifestyle destroys health.
For a healthy lifestyle appropriate food is 60% alkaline. To avoid products that are mostly acidic as fizzy drinks industry, refined sugars and all sweeteners.
Do not abuse the salt, use it as little as possible.
For sick people is perfectly 80% of the food is alkaline and to avoid all harmful products.
In cancer, the advice is alkalizing the body as much as possible
Chemotherapy does not cure the cancer, on the other hand increases the acidity of the body.
Chemotherapy increases the acidity of the organism to such an extent that the body needs to start spending reserves of oxygen and to neutralize the acidity sacrifice minerals that are found in bone, teeth, nail and hair.
For this reason, patients who are undergoing chemotherapy them falling hair found Dr. Warburg.
Dr. George Wings Klivilend, one of the world-famous surgeons openly declared: "All kinds of death called" natural "are nothing else than the end point of acid-rich body."
The cancer is not inherited, what is inherited were eating habits ie way of life. Poor eating habits can lead to cancer.

"The pharmaceutical industry defends its trillions of dollars from the cancer industry. They" make politicians to issue laws that kill people, or at least them ill, and laws that do not allow them to recover. They can only make you even sicker and eventually cause your death, offering you a toxic, dangerous and cruel treatment ", say US doctors. One of them also has created a system for the treatment of cancer.
Here the system of Dr. Caldwell.
- Dr. Caldwell You claim that cancer is treated for 2-16 weeks - can you tell us in more detail about that?
Our experience shows that every cancer is treated for 2 to 16 weeks, thereare cancers that are treated for several minutes - every doctor in the world, practiced at least 20 years, knows cases of spontaneous healing - written a book about it: " spontaneous healing. " Once this is possible, we must find a way to achieve it. Often pilgrims go to a place of healing, but do not place them heal and hope and leading to there time they heal.
Above all, we must free ourselves from acidity and toxemia. Our body must be enriched with oxygen, so when we eat green food, that chlorophyll, the body enters a lot of oxygen, enough calcium, with proper nutrition with nutritional supplements containing micronutrients alkalizing the body.
Once alkalizing - the cancer stops immediately. This process can take several days, several weeks, but will be discontinued. The body should be brought to healing pH level. The pH can be from 0 to 14. The seventh level is neutral must become more alkali thereof. 7.36 level is good, but during therapy need to reach pH 7.5, and even higher than this level.
Dr. Martin, a good friend of mine from Germany, applied multi oxygen therapy - displays blood, enriching it with ionized oxygen and then introduced back and so - 12 times; resulting body gets absolutely new blood - as in newborn; So liquidate hypoxia; when blood appears it is almost black, introducing back blood becomes pink, it's like a natural doping; when the man gets it, he is full of energy and life force. Injection of vitamin C, I and my European colleagues use, and we generally know vatrevenoznoto injection of vitamin C. One hundred cubic meters a day, three times a week, and in some cases are applied more often. And very often, believe it or not, cancer or tumor for several days practically disappears because vitamin C is so highly, this is one of miraculous medicines.
Almost all cardiovascular problems can be cured with vitamin C - they want to recall it from use. We can only get prescription and synthetic species that no longer works, and vitamin E.
Vitamin E mainly helps problems related to blood pressure - it heals quickly and easily in any form, in any way, any kind, so a study was conducted with artificial vitamin E, created chemically and saw that he absolutely did not act - chemicals do not act only harm; Nature is what really works - diseases occur in nature - namely it gives solution to the problems - so simply everything. If something did not exist 100 years ago, it does not need today. If we want to understand how to cure cancer immediately start with vegetarian and raw food. My friend cooker has a book on raw food, which costs only a few dollars on his site has movies on how to prepare;
I immediately would suggest raw food every day to drink four liters of water(except in cases where the patient suffers from a rare kidney disease), with half a teaspoon of sea salt in the water - we need salt for all body functions, we need by computerization, and it creates just enough amount of salt. Due to a shortage of salt problem arises with blood pressure.
They say that you should not consume a lot of salt if you have high blood - so we have been taught, but the opposite is true. The problem is that in such casesthey mean table salt - it often contains one third glass, one-third sand and one-third salt. The glass and sand scratch arteries that start to bleed. So they were draws cholesterol, to stop bleeding in order not to die of internal bleeding.
Therefore, they say that cholesterol causes high blood pressure, because too embarrassed arteries. This is absurd, because we can not die from a large amount of cholesterol and shortages. There are people 60 and cholesterol are completely healthy and not had never in his life. What are they doing with patients in wards for burns - every day give patients boiled eggs for 20-25 pieces, because they know thatonly cholesterol can very quickly create new healthy cells; about 87 percent of our cells are built cholesterol; low cholesterol our body can not create new cells.
Talk about good and bad cholesterol - HDL and LDL; even not about cholesterol - protein is a carrier of cholesterol - are beginning to understand the words of Dr. Gary Nile, Dr. Wallach and others who say that the statistics doctors have the shortest life - 56 years, the highest level alcoholism and drug use, as well as the highest level of suicide - it is higher only psychiatrists - and we're going to ask them how to live a long, healthy and happy life.
Recommended foods high in vitamin C, peppers, cabbage, broccoli, papaya, strawberries, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, pineapple, kiwi, orange, lemon.

Another recipe - THREE HERBS everyday
American doctor Carolyn Anderson does it provide a prescription based on the 2000 year old tradition of Eastern India, as confirmed by the latest Western medical research. Anderson says that if you use these 3 ingredients daily, almost certainly no chance to get cancer.
  The recipe is:
  Mix ¼ teaspoon of turmeric with ½ teaspoon olive oil. In add a pinch of freshly ground black pepper. The three components were mixed in a beaker. This mixture can be used as a seasoning for various dishes and salads. Just be careful, you should add the mixture to the food while boiled or baked, not lose their nutrients, you can add it at the very end of cooking.

Here's diet Lydia Kovacheva, which heals everything glutton


Here's diet Lydia Kovacheva, which heals everything
Author: glutton
Starvation of the legendary Lydia Kovacheva is one of the most amazing and successful methods for purification, healing, rejuvenating the body and helps in absolutely any disease. With healing hunger not only for quality and lasting weight but will heal your body will rejuvenate your body and your immune resume and vitality. Thousands of people do this in recent years in the clinic of Dr. Emilova, but you can do it yourself at home. Explore the full regime and strictly follow to achieve not backfire and harm your health.

Fasting for a certain period of time is generally very old and long-known method for the treatment of any disease.In the times in which we live is deliberately forgotten because of the marketing campaign the pharmaceutical chemist and "Ph.D." business. There are many ways to starvation and everyone can make them as long as you have a little more than a grain of will. Here we describe the most enjoyable and easiest method of Lidia Kovacheva - fasting with fruit and herbal tea.

What to eat
Stop all kinds of food, assuming only 800 g of fruits (total day) and herbal tea (can be flavored with honey and lemon). Tea and fruits alternate in two hours, not be taken together because of fermentation that would be formed in this case. Less than these amounts may, but not more. If you eat more than 800 grams per day, the treatment effect would be very slow.

How it works
In any organism involves fasting mechanism "avtoizhranvane." What does this mean? When we stop to take huge amounts of food, and begin to take little fruit juice or tea or anything at all, the body begins to break down harmful own tissues, slag and diseased cells, ie he began to cleans them breaks down and destroys and simultaneously procure energy. Each of us with years of body toxins harmful substances, fat and we have not a chance in our body to rest from the continuous degradation of food, the body harmful substances from food everywhere (with the idea that would later address with them, but this later never comes). During starvation in our body are two processes - degradation of harmful tissues and cells and build new, healthy ones.

How long is respected
How long - everyone determines the duration as to have a complete healing effect, it is 20 days 2 to 4 times a year. But even for a shorter time the results were amazing. Even on the second day of fasting begin to degrade fatty deposits around the waist and hips, from the 8th day begin to degrade toxic accumulation in internal organs, the deposits in the colon disappear digested bad tissue in the liver and spleen, kidneys cleared deposits on the walls of blood vessels, deposits in joints and vertebrae, and so all organs and cells one by one are cleared and restarted. After 15-16 days of fasting comes the turn of eyes and ears. The time limit for most complete fasting is about 20 days to give the body a chance to successfully clear all systems and organs.

What is the effect
The result - every day the regime will begin to noticeably lose weight. If you are seriously overweight losing weight will be more visible. And if you are the norm for the entire period of download will total 3-5 kg. But this is not the most important. The most spectacular result of this mode is that you will heal physically, mentally and emotionally. Your health will improve many times, your senses will be exacerbated, vitality and youthfulness will return, the skin will shine, the immune system will increase any nerve disorders disappear (depression, apathy, pessimism) even notice the young caries disappear. In the practice of starvation by any methods were treated all diseases. In every part of your body you will experience a visible improvement.

Are there risks
What to expect during the regime - at the beginning you may find it difficult to feel constant hunger, but hunger is actually from your brain. Your body has enough food (even if you have enough for 20 days complete starvation if not more). The brain is the one who is accustomed to the habit of constantly shoving food in his mouth. Even may occur "pain" of hunger, but this is rare. Mode is generally the lightest and pleasant of all kinds gladolecheniya. As of mid-term may experience hesitation and internal struggle (brain will tell you "Do not continue," "immediately eat some one cheese or a salamche") for enduring these attacks then you will be very grateful and pleased with himself . Another thing you can expect is skin Aubrey hard acne or eczema you to smoke more or start to feel sick organs. This just shows how desperate need've had from such a regime. Why it happens? The skin is the largest excretory organ and conduct when fasting is done extremely release of toxins through it and through the colon. So in the first half of the period all problems will be exacerbated, but then one by one will subside and heal. Also expect the language to start heavily taxed, will be covered with white, yellow coating, which is another proof that your body is full of toxins. At the end of fasting he will become pink and stop advantage.

Power: supply necessarily

If you plan to do any kind of fasting without making diligent and power quality does not start. Power is extremely important. If you do as you will hurt even more.

Day 1 of power - takes standard as the days of the regime, but this time substitute fruits in one meal with seasonal vegetable. Best to eat vegetables planed or very finely chopped, we should very thoroughly chewed. We should not add any seasonings - salt, vinegar, spices.
Day 2 - same as day 1, the quantities slight increase.
Day 3 - to eat, add 1 boiled potato or a vegetable, steamed.
Day 4 - can pass the following mode
morning - tea and then fruit
lunch - a small salad without salt, you can add fresh herbs (parsley, dill, 1 clove garlic)
afternoon - tea or fruit
dinner - salad again
Day 5 - a day 4
Day 6 - to meals can be added and grains (sprouted wheat bread, etc.).
Day 7 - to meals may include a little nuts.
Day 8 - if you keep eating dairy products right now can turn them on, but in very small quantities.
Day 9 - can now eat a little legumes and pulses (lentils, peas, beans).
Day 10 - Start eating like this:
noon - Eat nothing but herbal tea, freshly squeezed juice, lemon juice or some fruit. The morning hearty breakfast does not allow the body to clear itself of toxins and again begins to store them. With fruit juice or tea help him in the process of disposing of toxins
lunch meals - Eat light food alive and never overeat
dinner - and supper let's be mild and pleasant and not too late, because the food taken in late hours remained all night in our stomach without break, began to ferment, separated toxic gases that are absorbed through the walls of the stomach and intestines and pass into the circulatory our network and therefore the morning as we become without power, sick we are looking for double coffee, we feel as though we have beaten all night, get up in a bad mood and our world is wrong. If you're hungry at night, it is because "your body wants his" and because you are his created this habit. It comes down to bad habits. If you are accustomed to back in time, you'll wonder how you lived so at all.
If you keep eating meat, plug it into your diet gradually after 10 days.
If you are doing 15-20 day fasting power must be at least 10 days. If you are doing a 10 day fasting power should be minimum 5 days.

What cures
Starvation starve absolutely all diseases, except for the final phase of their development because the body will not have enough time to heal itself, but there are many cases, despite the hopelessness health was recovering. Here is a brief list of repeatedly cured diseases - hypertension, anemia, gastritis, colitis, ulcers, constipation, hemorrhoids, asthma, sinusitis, skin diseases (acne, eczema, psoriasis, allergic dermatitis), diseases of the kidney, liver and spleen, arthritis, genital disorders, impotence, obesity, varicose veins, neurosis and depression and much, much more.

How often do
If we have severe health problems it is necessary to make some course of 20 days, to make a break of 1-2 months. If you find it difficult to start fasting 5 days, a few weeks to do 10 a day and gradually increase to up to 20 days. When the year do several courses coming years is enough to prophylactic hungry every spring and stay healthy long afterwards (it all depends on what your menu during the rest). Better each week hungry for one day, then it is really going to achieve unexpectedly good health, youthfulness and longevity.

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